Importation and Exportation

Our trade professionals have extensive understanding of the processes involved in the importation and exportation of goods and know of regulations affecting businesses who use brokerage services throughout the country. We perform various customs trade regulatory duties on behalf of businesses in the United States.

Arranging for the Release of Goods

Before importing, importer security filing, customs bond, and verification with governments and participating agencies are completed to arrange compliance requirements for electronic data integration to ensure release of goods.

Accounting for Goods

On behalf of importers, arranging trade financing for duties and taxes, accounting according to tariff review and analysis is processed to ensure that importers are remitting minimal duties and taxes for their imports.

Determining the Value for Duty

Before importing, tariff classification of imported goods, and determining the value for duty is determined with the customs tariff to ensure reporting is proper, and the overpayment of duties and taxes is not processed.

Licensing of Customs Brokers

We are international trade specialists who act on behalf of traders in matters relating to the United States Customs and Border Protection (US-CBP) and participating government agencies. Among other things, we prepare and importer security filings, verify trade information, determine landed costs, evaluate freight and logistics before shipping.

We also advise traders on export-related shipping rules and regulations, such as foreign documentation requirements. And, changes with customs regulations as well as better connectivity with border crossings across the United States.


Commodity Compliance

The origin, marking, purchase, importation, costs and value of the commercial goods, payment for the commercial goods, the sale or other disposal of the commercial goods in Canada impact the compliance of commodities.


Commodity Compliance

The origin, marks, purchase, importation, costs and value of the commercial goods, determination of duties and taxes before the sale or other disposal of the commercial goods in the United States impacts the compliance of commodities.


Trade Rules and Regulations

Changing rules and regulations of national trade laws add complexities and risks to international importers, we work with participating government agencies to ensure your supply chain moves seamlessly from origin to destination while adhering to import-export rules and regulations.


International Trade Management

International trade requires an account executive responsible for all your global imports, they are able to manage small start-up operations to high-volume importers and design customized compliance according to your business needs.


Starting Import-Export

Now that you understand the regulatory requirements for trade, it is important to know what role the of importer or exporter is with the customs broker, connect with us to get started on import-export trade processes.

From sourcing and procurement, to managing logistics, along with trade account data statistics and analysis, as your trade partner we are here to help you manage your trading business in the United States.