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Tariff Classification

Before Import, Classifying Goods

Prior to shipping, harmonization codes of your goods are screened, and processed with commodity descriptions, and the permits, licenses and certificates related to the goods are screened for compliance.

Prior to shipping, our customs rater estimates the value for duty and taxes due to customs agencies, by validating the tariff treatment assigned to the goods – some goods are taxable and dutiable while others are tax-exempt and duty-free – request an estimate before shipping.

Harmonization Code Classification

Advance Tariff Rulings

Valuation of Goods

Free Trade Agreement Validation

Trade Incentive Programs

Pre Screening

Purchase of Goods 0

Product Compliance and Licensing 0

Commercial Documentation 0

Customs Trade Advisory 0

Advance Tariff Ruling

Prior to shipping, retrieve the tariff classification ruling from customs, to avoid unnecessary delays with your cargo arrivals, request for analysis on tariffs selection classification to codes to benefit your trade account. Store this information into the customs trade database and record keep your information.