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To streamline e-commerce fulfillment packages our logistics planning involves organizing customs clearance and compliance, freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution and final-mile shipping according to the fulfillment criteria of a select e-commerce merchant businesses.


eCommerce Fulfillment Planning

Logistics with ecommerce of repacking, labelling and marking goods for export, without a physical presence in a foreign country is a complex process, finding a logistics service provider with favourable shipping, customs and logistics rates can be challenging, via our partnered network of logistics professionals real-time and, up-to-date logistics costs are retrievable.

Our logistics professionals are trained in time critical, just-in-time service, and knowing of all the components involved in shipping domestically and internationally. Whether that is coordinating with warehouses or customs agencies, we ensure that you are at ease for all of the logistical complexities your shipments may have.

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Businesses are sensitive to logistical costs. Preplanning estimations of freight forwarding and, customs clearance fees including duties and taxes are necessary to enter into new marketplaces across global countries. Provide us with your volume of shipments and we’ll provide discounted eCommerce fulfillment options.

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Simply register online, and engage with our logistics professionals, matched to your profile according to your industry and business type. Create online shipments, request for quotations, trade advisory and assistance related to your shipments. After creating a booking, track and trace, request updates on accounting statements, and monitor recordkeeping for 6-years through our cloud based solution.