Reporting Controlled Goods with Government Departments

Through the single window interface program Importers are capable of reporting shipments in Canadian and United States, processing import procedures under the Beyond the Border Action Plan and with Participating Government Agencies. Via a single window interface importing processes are streamlined, eliminating redundancies, and reducing clearance times for shipments requiring formal entries.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIAs) interest in import-export controls concerns the export of food, animals and plants. The program is meant for the export of animals, animal products, and animal by-products meet the health requirements in Canada.

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare related products are regulated and controlled for the import and export by Health Canada, approval of products are required for goods that are containing controlled substances and precursor chemicals. Prior to sale, approval is mandatory.

To obtain a license or certificate, exporters must contact their local Environment and Climate Change Canada regional office for import of goods related to natural environment, renewable resources, water resources, environmental change. Certain rules relating to environmental policies and programs for the federal government are controlled by ECCC.

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is responsible for the legislation on commodities that are extracted, developed, organically grown and traded by means of import-export into Canada. Such products are inputted on control lists, and permits for trading are required thereof.

Global Affairs Canada has the responsibility of regulating import and export controlled goods. Their responsible for the Trade Controls Bureau oversees the Import and Export Permits Act which establishes the control lists of Canada.

Transport Canada (TC) monitors goods that are related to transportation and its counterpart departments for the manufacture, importation of motor vehicles and its related products approval and release from Transport Canada is mandatory.

Regulatory Requirements via SWI

Approval from Other Government Departments and looking-up the regulatory requirements for each product is possible through the Single Window Interface. Validating which government agency or department regulates a certain product.

    SWI Tools and Resources

    Request information and supplementary data information about your imports and exports before proceeding with trade into and from Canada, with an authorized Single Window Interface program provider ensuring that the compliance requirements are met before any trade activity, this is possible with Stream.