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Rules Of Origin

Before Import, Classifying Goods

In order to be eligible to use a free trade agreement, or tariff code, the imported goods must originate in a country that is a party to that particular tariff treatment associated with the country of import.

Prior to shipping, our customs specialists validate whether goods, the whole or a part of which is produced outside a country, actually originates in that country or not, there are rules of origin that products are subject to, for satisfying such conditions as are specified in the regulations.

Regional Value Content

Transaction Value Method

Net Cost Method

De Minimis Rule

Tariff Shift Rule

Value Adjustments

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Proof of Origin

Most rules of origin are based on international trade conventions ruled from the World Customs Organization, decided upon in summits and member countries whom become signatories to the trade agreements established. Importers must provide a proof of origin, providing material data sheet to justify how a ruling was completed from the country of export.