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Other Government Departments

Licenses, Permits, Certifications

Documents required by other government departments such as permit, certiļ¬cate, or licence. The requirements of participating government agencies must be met before the import of goods, and supportive commercial documentation must be provided for determining which documentation is necessary.

Controlled and prohibited goods are monitored by other government departments, those of which pose a health, hazard or safety concern are required of application for a license or permit to import, consulting with the necessary participating government agencies is important.

Food and Agriculture

Health and Pharmaceutical

Natural Resources and Minerals

Machinery, Vehicles and Automobiles

Live Animals and Organisms

Manufacturing Inputs and Substances

Purchase of Goods 0

Product Compliance and Licensing 0

Commercial Documentation 0

Customs Trade Advisory 0

Customs Action Plan

Customs brokerage professionals prepare necessary documentation to examine the intended use of your goods, and prepare customs documents accordingly, through electronic data interchange (EDI) between customs agencies and other government departments in Canada, the United States.

Validation of customs documentation and obtaining advance rulings ensuring the tariff classification, certificate of origin, tariff treatment, method of valuation of your imports are acceptable by other government departments before importing in Canada and the United States.