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Intermodal Forwarding

Transborder Rail Network

A world-class rail network with transcontinental rail lines throughout North America, stretching beyond 20,000 miles connecting three coasts the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico – traced with live satellite tracking in place for shipment tracing via terminal locations, domestic and regional shipping via land to designated locations are covered.

There are six methods that may be used to determine the value for duty of imported goods, proof of which method is used is import to prove. Valuation codes are intended to be rulings for the product’s and a review of the valuation method maybe conducted during contingency audits.

Route Planning

Oversize and Overdimensional

Alternative Transportation

Single Window Interface

Live Tracing and Updates

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Port to Rail

At all major ports of entry via air, ocean, rail or land, comprehensive support is available across Canada and the United States. Stay on top of regulatory requirements affecting shipments, by working in close communication with intermodal rail networks. Shipment releases are processed faster, with enhanced communication with customs agencies reducing risks of penalties and added expenses.