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Heavy Haulage

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Heavy Haulage Projects

To streamline project cargo our logistics planning involves route surveyors, inter-state authority application, and coordination with specialized cargo carriers and customs compliance specialists to process your bookings.


Specialized Equipment

Equipment is selected according to your project requirements, whether its oversize or overdimensional, safe cargo handling and equipment is selected according to your cargo’s specifications – from curtain side, rolltites or removable goosenecks – count on us across North America.

Stream’s advantage is that, our logistics professionals are trained in customs compliance, freight forwarding and warehousing logistics, so that, your at ease for all of the logistical complexities your shipments may have.

Cargo Carriers

Booking With Us

Provide us with the shipping locations, shipping documents, and instructions and our logistics professionals will provide you a complete logistics plan. We’re knowledgeable of how-to load your cargo from origin to destination via ocean, air, road and rail, and process customs clearance all in-house without any hassle.

Logistics Planning

Customs Clearance

Permit Applications

Government Compliance

Authorized Carriers

Safety Standards


Getting Started

Simply register online, and engage with our logistics professionals, matched to your profile according to your industry and business type. Create online shipments, request for quotations, trade advisory and assistance related to your shipments. After creating a booking, track and trace, request updates on accounting statements, and monitor recordkeeping for 6-years through our cloud based solution.