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Stream is a logistic service provider managing shipping and supply of goods for businesses importing into North America, storing and transporting final products to purchasers within and across the continent.

We help manufacturers, traders, and non profit organizations purchase and procure products on various Incoterms, especially on delivered duty paid and ex-works terms. As a licensed customs broker and freight forwarder we are able to help your business with shipping and supply.

Freight Brokerage

If you are looking for a freight quote local, domestic or internationally from Canada, send us an email or call us directly.


Freight Forwarding:

(905) 673-2800 ext. 230

Customs Brokerage

If you are looking for customs clearance or compliance help on imports and exports or moving freight locally, domestically and internationally in the United States, send us an email or call us directly.


Customs Brokerage:

(905) 673-2800 ext. 29