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Advance Commercial Information: Highway Exceptions

There are some exceptions to filing both conveyance and cargo data and some exceptions to filing cargo data but still sending conveyance data. There are no situations where only cargo data is sent.

Exceptions to filing both conveyance and cargo data include but are not limited to:

  1. Emergency response vehicles/personnel/equipment for use in emergency situations, such as transportation of human organs for transplant, first response fire brigades, ambulance patient transport, teams assisting in disaster relief circumstances
  2. Customs Self Assessment (CSA) clearance
  3. Customs Border Protection (CBP) turnarounds. Turnarounds are the immediate return of an entire conveyance and its complete cargo, that has been refused entry to the US by the US CBP, at the same port of entry/exit.
  4. Continuous Transmission Commodities (CTC), e.g. electricity, gas, oil
  5. In-transit movements

Exceptions to filing cargo data, keeping in mind that conveyance must be sent, include but are not limited to:

  1. Goods that are being imported into Canada under the Courier Low Value Shipment (LVS) Program by an approved courier under the CBSA Courier LVS Program
  2. “Flying trucks”. These are goods that are originally transported by air and controlled by air documentation (i.e. air waybill), then subsequently changed to truck transport to arrive at the border in highway
  3. Mail – (Canada Post, US Mail, International) – as part of a mixed load
  4. Emergency Repairs – A Canadian conveyance returning to Canada that needed repairs because of an unforeseen circumstance.

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