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Global Freight Forwarding

To streamline the freight forwarding process our specialists provide door-to-door quotes, estimate landed cost , and process release entries directly in-house ensuring smooth entry overseas.

Stream uses our network to arrange the best freight solutions for your organization.

Stream provides consultation services for all goods destined overseas and North America

Stream ensures your goods are managed from end to end through our extensive carrier network.

Stream's Advantage

With 25+ years of experience in North American transportation management, Stream's team of in-house Freight Forwarders are able to handle any request, no matter how big or small.

Stream provides the ability to plan your freight route from origin to destination. Our Freight Forwarders are able to plan door-to-door transportation and logistics with end-to-end support, allowing you to monitor shipments from origin to destination.


Integrated Logistics

Stream provides end-to-end logistics serviceĀ® for businesses by integrating Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage services at one-point of contact.

Export Documentation

Our Freight Forwarders are able to provide you with solutions on exporting your goods out of Canada. To increase efficiency in your export business, Stream will ensure your export documentation is completed to a high standard and to export quality.

DAP Services

Stream’s Freight Forwarders will provide you with a single-point of contact service, as we coordinate your shipment from origin to destination. Our DAP services ensure your freight is shipped and handled in a time and financially sensitive manner, with great attention to tracking and tracing of your freight.

Multilingual Operations

Stream prides our involvement with clients of all nationalities and have catered our team to meet the needs of new and developing business in North America. Our diverse team of multi-lingual Freight Forwarders are competent and are able to provide services to your needs.


Importing and Exporting

Ask our Freight Forwarders to create a transportation plan for your business.

Think about a Freight Forwarder as a travel agent for cargo. Our overseas agents play this role for our clients, partnering with shipping lines and air lines to move shipment to its destination. We’re experienced with providing transportation and logistical consultation services for goods destined overseas or, for consumption in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Stream’s in-house Freight Forwarders are dedicated to developing and improving your freight plan. Our goal is to ensure maximum efficiency for your business’ logistics plan, while introducing you to new ways of expanding your business in a global market.

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Freight Forwarding Planning

Contact us today to learn how we can improve your current freight plan or develop your business by importing into or exporting out of Canada. Stream's Freight Forwarders are always available to help!