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Import Declaration: Dairy and Other Food Products

Import Declaration

In some cases, it may be indicate that an import declaration is required.

An import declaration is required for foods that are subject to the Dairy Products, Honey, Maple Products or Processed Products Regulations, and verifies that the goods shall:

  1. not be adulterated
  2. not be contaminated
  3. be obtained from sound raw materials in accordance with good manufacturing practices
  4. be prepared in a sanitary manner
  5. in the case of low acid foods, be subjected to a thermal process that assures commercial sterility
  6. originate in a country that has grade requirements and standards for foods and that has a system for the inspection of food and food processing establishments that is at least equivalent to that in Canada
  7. at the time of shipment, be sound and edible
  8. meet the grade, container and labelling requirements of the applicable regulations
  9. meet all other requirements of the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations applicable to the food.

An import declaration must accompany the goods and include the following basic information:

  • name of the exporter;
  • name of the consignee;
  • a description of the product and any identification marks;
  • the number, kind, and net weight of containers;
  • where applicable, a statement that the goods were manufactured from sound raw materials and
    were prepared under sanitary conditions; and
  • a statement verifying that the goods, at the time of shipment, were sound and fit for human
    consumption; and an accurate identification of the manufacturer or authorized agent.

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