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The République du Sénégal is located in West Africa bordered by Mauritania, Mali, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau and the Atlantic Ocean. It surrounds the country Gambia. A member of the French Community and ECOWAS. An Associate Member of the European Union (EU). Capital and Principal Port: Dakar (2,244,000). Population: 12,969 million.
Documents required for most commercial shipments Copies req’d abroad Board of Trade or Chamber of Commerce Consular Visa Your File Total number of copies
Certified Copies retained Req’d Copies Retained
Bills of Lading 3+3 no none no none 1 3+4
Comm. Invoice 2 no none no none 1 3
Comment Pre-shipment Inspection Certificate / Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN/BSC) see details below
Cert. of Origin
Packing List
Air Waybill 1 no none no none 1 2
Comm. Invoice 2 no none no none 1 3
Comment Pre-shipment Inspection Certificate see details below
Cert. of Origin
Packing List
Postal Declaration 1 set no none no none 1cc 1 set
Comm. Invoice 2 no none no none 1 3
Cert. of Origin
Packing List
Metric System
1 CFA Franc = 100 Centimes
5 hours ahead of EST
Jan. 1; April 4; May 1; Aug. 15; Nov. 1; Dec. 25; as well as Tabaski, Prophet’s Baptism, Prophet’s Birthday, Eid Al Fitr, Eid Al Adha and Islamic New Year, Easter Monday, Ascension and Whit Monday.
57 Marlborough Avenue,
Ottawa, ON,
K1N 8E8,
Tel.: (613) 238-6392, 238-6393,
Fax: (613) 238-2695.
101 Egerton Way,
Winnipeg, MB, R2M 2V9,
Tel. : (204) 237-1818,
Fax : (204) 237-0217.

1055 West Hastings Street, Suite 300,
Vancouver, BC, V6E 2E9,
Tel.: (604) 684-5356,
Fax: (604) 608-3256.

The Canadian Embassy,
Avenue Amadou Cissé Dia X Galliéni,
Dakar, Senegal,
Tel.: (011-221) 889-47-00,
Fax: (011-221) 889-47-20.
Chambre de Commerce, d’Industrie et d’Agriculture,
1, Place de l’Independence,
SN Dakar, Senegal,
Tel.: (011-221) 823-71-89,
Fax: (011-221) 823-93-63.
011 + 221 + local number
230V, 50 Hz AC.
All imports from outside the French Franc Area and the EU, whose goods can be freely imported, are subject to I/L on an annual quota basis. For the Import License application the importer requires a Pro-forma Invoice in duplicate from the exporter. Drugs, narcotics, weapons and ammunition, pornographic material and publications as well as used motor vehicles older than 8 years are prohibited. Most shipments in excess of CFA Franc 3,000,000 and most full container loads (FCL) are subject to pre-shipment inspections (see under SPECIAL CERTIFICATES).
Provided import restrictions are complied with, foreign exchange is freely available. Transactions exceeding CFA Francs 5,000,000 CIF (CIP) must be arranged through an authorized bank.
No special regulations. May be made out “to order”.
None. (Note: There may be occasions when the consignee requires a C/O for his own commercial purposes or when it is stipulated in a L/C.)
2, show usual full details and the following declaration:

“Nous certifions que les marchandises faisant l’objet de cette fourniture sont de fabrication….(origin) et que la valeur sous mentionée est juste et conforme à nos écritures.”

(Translation: We hereby certify that the goods to which this invoice relates are of ……(origin) and that the value stated is correct and in accordance with our books).

To be signed by a director, secretary or partner.

You may be required to translate the invoice and other documents into French.

It is recommended to include a detailed packing list with the shipping documents.
1.) Certificates of Health required for certain livestock, meats and foodstuffs.

2.) A Phytosanitary Certificate is required for plants, plant products, seeds and peat.

3.) Second-hand clothing and textiles, if granted entry into Senegal, must be accompanied by a Fumigation Certificate.

4.) Pharmaceuticals, certain medicines and chemicals must be registered in Senegal and granted an import authorization.

5.) A Certificate of Age may be required for alcoholic beverages.

6.) A Certificate of Analysis is required for certain chemicals.

7.) An Attestation de Verification (Pre-shipment Inspection Certificate) attesting satisfactory quantity / quality inspection and price comparison is required from

COTECNA Inspection Inc.
900 S. Loop W.
Houston, TX 77054, USA
Tel: (281) 974-4600
Fax: (281) 974-4628

for all goods where the total FOB value for the order is exceeding CFA Francs 3,000,000. Full Container Loads (FCL) may or may not need a Pre-shipment Inspection depending on the commodity.

We highly recommend contacting COTECNA to verify whether or not a Pre-Shipment Inspection is necessary, as regulations are changed and updated frequently.

The following goods are currently exempt:
Precious stones, gold, objects of art, used personal effects, explosives, weapons, ammunition, live animals, fruit, vegetables, meat/fish (fresh only) (frozen meat, fish, fruit, vegetables require a pre-shipment inspection), eggs, plants and flowers, cinematographic films, parcel post shipments and commercial samples, current newspapers/periodicals, gifts and supplies to diplomatic and consular missions, and international agencies dependent on UNO, imports by export free-zone companies, goods imported by importers with special exemption authorities, as well as these goods falling under the following HS chapters:
Chapters: 01, 02 (except HS code 02.07), 03, Heading; 05, 06, 07, 08, 09 (except HS code 09.02), 10, 11 (except HS code 11.01), 12, 13, 14, 15 (except HS codes 15.07; 15.11.90; 15.14.90; 15.14.91; 15.15; 15.17), 17 (except HS code 17.04), 18 (except HS codes 18.05; 18.06), 19 (except HS code 19.02 and 19.05), Heading 2207.10.10.00, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 36, 37.06, 38 (except HS codes 38.14; 38.19, 3808501090, 3808509000, 3808911091, 3808919000, 3808911099), 40 (except from HS codes 40.06 to 40.13 and 40.16 to 40.17), 41, 43, 45, 46, 47, Heading 4801.00.00.00, 49, 65, 66, 72, 86, 87 (except from HS codes 87.06 to 87.08 and 87.14), Heading 8714.20.00.00, 88, 89, 90 from HS code 90.18 to HS code 90.27, 93 (except 930320 and 930330), 97* 3923909000, 6304910010, 87131900000, 8714200000.
The above office will make the necessary arrangements for your goods to be inspected, wherever they may be located in Canada.
Normally COTECNA will be advised of forthcoming shipments by the importing authorities and will send a questionnaire to the exporter of record, which is to be completed and returned immediately, with the necessary supporting documents. Exporters should provide adequate notice of availability of goods for inspection. Inspections at the pier or docks will not, normally, be accommodated.
After the physical inspection has been performed, exporters are required to provide to COTECNA copies of final Commercial Invoices to the importer and, usually a photocopy of the original Ocean Bill of Lading or Air Waybill.
The Clean Report of Findings is issued, following review of these documents and provided all elements of the inspection process are found to be satisfactory. Generally, COTECNA will affix a Security Label to a copy of the Commercial Invoice and Letters of Credit that must be worded accordingly.

8.) An Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN or BSC) must be obtained for ALL Cargo destined for Senegal. This is a document issued and controlled by COSEC (Conseil Senegalis de Chargeurs).

The BSC contains these details: cargo description; country of origin; country of destination; port of loading; port of discharge; name and address of consignor (or freight forwarder) and consignee; volume and weight of goods; value of goods; cost of transport; any additional costs; Incoterms.

The shipper or his agent has to apply for the ECTN/BSC at:


Commercial International Services LLC
12345 Jones Road, Suite 152
Houston, Texas 77070-4855
Tel.: (281) 477-3233
Fax: (832) 592-9309

A separate BSC needs to be obtained for each container, RO/RO vehicle/chassis or per B/L for breakbulk.

The fees payable are as follows:

10,000 XOF per 20’ Container
20,000 XOF per 40’ Container
10,000 XOF per RO/RO cargo unit (<5t)
20,000 XOF per RO/RO cargo unit (>5t)
Conventional / Breakbulk / LCL:
32,500 XOF – Maximum 300t per BSC
18% TVA tax will apply to all BSCs

For exporters creating an account with Commercial International Services LLC, the following should be noted:

CIS will facilitate account setup and payment for you. They will also assist you if necessary. For this service, they will charge you a US $85.00 Documentation & Banking Fee. Also, all rates stated in Euro above will be billed by CIS in US Dollars according to the currency exchange rate at time of issuance of the ECTN. This rate may be substantially higher than the bank’s currency exchange rate. For the exact amount call CIS.

Failure to apply for the ECTN/BSC and to pay the required fee could result in fines, as well as considerable difficulties and delays when clearing the goods through customs in Senegal.

Special regulations apply to the marking of certain foodstuffs and labeling of preserves. All boxes, cases and packets containing tobacco and cigarettes must have the words “Vente au Sénégal” clearly printed below the firms trademark (adhesive labels may not be used). Text should be in French.
All non-manufactured wooden packaging materials and dunnage must comply with the guidelines of ISPM No. 15 (International Standard for Packaging Material No. 15) which stipulates that:

wood has been heat treated or kiln dried to a minimum core temperature of 56 degree C for at least 30 minutes in an approved facility;

wood has been fumigated with an approved chemical in accordance with an officially recognized technical specification.

In lieu of a Treatment Certificate or Phytosanitary Certificate, the wood must display an approved marking, enabling the identification of where and by whom the treatment has been carried out.

For additional details, visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) website:

Packaging made of manufactured wood (particleboard, plywood, laminates etc.), corrugated cardboard, plastic, etc. is exempt from these regulations.

Consignee’s name, Country of Origin and package number.
Foregoing regulations apply. Airports with customs facilities: Dakar, St. Louis (179,000).
Foregoing regulations apply. Parcels are accepted for all destinations but must be claimed at certain places, whose names must appear in the address.
Samples of no commercial value and weighing less than 3 KG may be imported duty-free whilst those of value are subject to the foregoing regulations.

Commercial samples, exhibition goods and professional equipment, etc. may also be imported free of duty and taxes for up to one year under the ATA Carnet system (for more details go to the top of this page and click on “ATA Carnets”).

Banque Internationale du Senegal; BICIS; Banque Senegalo Tunisienne; Banque des Etats de l’Afrique de l’Ouest, Crédit Lyonnais.
Assessed mainly ad valorem on CIF (CIP) value. Tariff is based on the Harmonized System (H.S.).

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