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Turnkey Solutions

The science, medical and heath industry has requires competent turnkey solutions comprised of — procurement specialists and logistics service providers. In order to effectively manage a business' supply chain having reliable sources, and suppliers of scientific and medical supplies is mandatory. We're into sourcing, supplying and shipping.

Procurement Specialists

Trade Facilitation

Supplier Network

Manufacturing and Supplying

We aim to be the location of choice for hospitals, medical clinics and laboratories, providing a competitive edge with innovative production and manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), diagnostic supplies and equipment across the health science sector.


Supply Chain

Shipping pharmaceuticals involve long, complex routes and require temperature-controlled environments with safe product handling.

Stream’s supply chain is powered by technology, across the globe, procurement and supply is handled with our reliable logistic service providers.

We deliver quality in every aspect with our partners, collaborating across cold chain logistics.

Trade Faciliatation

Its our goal to introduce you to potential suppliers, whom businesses wouldn't have access to previously. We liaison trade relationships by negotiating shipping terms and conditions, and developing logistics planning from origin to destination.

Active Pharma Ingredients

Food and Beverage

Personal Care Products

Animals and Veterinary

Natural and Herbal



Procurement Specialists

Our procurement specialists are there to help you develop a supply arrangement request, making sure all of the project deliverables are outlined properly, and sent to the potential suppliers, within our partnered network. Helping businesses sources health, medical and science resources is our specialty at Lab Science.

International Trade Advisors

Support for Licensing

Landed Cost Evaluation

Contingency Audit Support

Global Procurement Network

Global Customs Release

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