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Compliance Specialists

Streamline your shipments, by pre-screening your goods prior to release, and ensuring compliance with Customs Agencies and departments, your goods are able to safely and efficiently cross the border without delays.

Stream provides business solutions with access to a wide range of services to build with end-to-end supply chain solutions.

Customs Brokerage Services

Stream is actively involved customs associations and organizations, specialized in informing us of the latest trade policies effecting our clients. We ensure that businesses are educated and represented at the highest standard in North America and all available trade incentives are taken advantage of.

Supply Chain Management

We are able to provide you a detailed solution to ensure clearance. We provide clear and concise research for the regulations of your specific shipment.

Monitor imports and exports, regardless of frequency from small importers to high-volume importers, and customize compliance plans.

Before shipping, estimate the value for duty and tax payable, validating the tariff treatment. Some goods are taxable and dutiable while others are tax-exempt and duty-free.

Compliance Specialist

Let Stream make sure your goods are compliant with rules and regulations of associated Canadian agency.

Streamline Process

We process your customs using the latest data and government regulations to ensure your goods are compliant with the rules and regulations of Canadian agencies. We help you get your goods in to Canada, hassle-free, acting as your Canadian Customs Broker.

Customs Brokerage Specialists

We keep detailed records on a per-shipment basis to make your accounting, simpler. We keep records of commercial shipping documents and permits, licenses and certificates required by customs agencies and government departments.

We ensure your shipments are processed faster with enhanced communication with customs agencies to reduce risks of penalties and added expenses.

Industries We Serve

Stream assists you in the organization of trade solutions for your business. Large or small, Stream uses our network of trade advisors to tailor the best solution for you.

Oil and Mining Extraction

Natural resources require planning and research to ensure the goods are compliant with government trade regulations, we've integrated full customs solutions to make sure your goods are compliant and released with ease.

Construction Cargo

We specialize in sourcing materials to meet time constraints for small and large scale operations, ensuring duties and taxes are estimated accurately before import.

Aerospace Technology

Aerospace logistics is sensitive to time and security, work with us for a customs action plan designed for safety and security recommended and compliant with government agencies.

Automotive Industry

Automotive requires to consolidate materials from multiple suppliers ensuring customs compliance portfolio is reviewed and up-to-date with every shipment processed.

Customs Action Plan

Supply Chain Management

Freight Forwarder

Certified Trade Specialist

Logistics Service Provider

Customs Compliance Specialist

Other Amazing Features

We streamline your imports by pre-screening your goods prior to release and account. We ensure compliance with customs agencies and other government departments in Canada and the United States.

Tariff Classification Validation

Prior to shipping, harmonization codes of your goods are screened and processed with commodity descriptions, permits, licenses and certificates.

Import Declaration

Customs Release Analysts process import declarations at all major ports of entry via air, ocean, rail or land, by validating the shipping documents for errors or omissions.

Trade Incentive Programs

Trade incentive programs are available for businesses to relieve businesses from duties and tariffs and maximize revenues without a physical presence in Canada or the United States.

Customs Clearance

Pre-Entry | Release | Post-Entry

Stream has an active role in government and industry advisory boards that influence trade policies in key industries the United States and Canada. We ensure that businesses are educated and represented at the standards of the highest level of government in the United States and Canada.