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Container Drayage

Overseas Container Drayage

To streamline container drayage our logistics planning involves pre-arrival notifications, customs clearance, port reservations, and terminal appointments before containers are discharged, across all major ports in North America to process your bookings.


Portside, Local Drayage

Transportation services are made available over short distances for our localized carriers who are serving the network. The expertise of intermodal freight services are managed and processed by our logistics service professionals.

Stream’s advantage is that our logistics professionals are trained in international freight coordination, knowing of freight forwarding and customs clearance procedures, so that you’re at ease for all of the logistical complexities your shipments may have.

Drayage Carriers

Booking With Us

Businesses are sensitive to logistical costs. Preplanning estimations of freight forwarding and, customs clearance fees including duties and taxes are necessary to enter into new marketplaces across global countries. Provide us with your volume of shipments and we’ll provide discounted eCommerce fulfillment options.

Reserve Logistics

Customs Clearance

Permit Approvals

Government Compliance

Authorized Carriers

Safety Standards


Getting Started

Simply register online, and engage with our logistics professionals, matched to your profile according to your industry and business type. Create online shipments, request for quotations, trade advisory and assistance related to your shipments. After creating a booking, track and trace, request updates on accounting statements, and monitor recordkeeping for 6-years through our cloud based solution.