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Canadian Customs Clearance

To streamline customs clearances for shipments arriving via air, ocean, rail or road, our customs specialists, provide importers with how-to guides on importing goods into Canada. Before an importation request is processed into Canada, the shipping documents are verified for importation rules and regulations, and scanned for compliance measures enforcing the mandates of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).


Pre Arrival, Customs Entry Processing

At your request and diligent direction, we’re able to process customs clearances, obtain release notifications and entry numbers for your shipment, prior to loading your cargo, on our carrier’s deck in Canada and the United States.

Stream’s advantage is that our customs brokerage professionals are trained in international trade, knowing of customs clearance and compliance procedures, so that you’re at ease for all of the customs brokerage complexities your shipments may have.

Trade Professionals

Clearing With Us

Our customs brokerage professionals ensure that your import declaration is filed correctly, and your shipment is released at the point of entry hassle-free, and provide timely updates via software to process import declarations directly with the Canada Border Service Agency, receiving release and entry notifications, and updates for delays directly from border security officers.

Pre Arrival Reviews

Post Entry Auditing

Advance Rulings

Licensing and Permits

Licensed Professionals

Compliance Support


Getting Started

Simply register online, and engage with our customs brokerage professionals, matched to your profile according to your industry and business type. Create online shipments, request for quotations, trade advisory and assistance related to your shipments. After creating a booking, track and trace, request updates on accounting statements, and monitor recordkeeping for 6-years through our cloud based solution.