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Business Registration

Setting Up

Prior to shipping, our customs compliance specialists retain account security registration information of importers, ensuring a promissory note between the importer and customs agencies exists to secure payment of any related duties, taxes or penalties.

Prior to shipping, trade documents are verified for transparency according to the customs tariff ensuring licenses, permits, certificates and other government department requirements are verified by our customs brokerage officers.

Account Security

Security Bond And Licensing

Remittance of Duties and Taxes

Accounting Summary to Customs

Recordkeeping and Compliance

Contingency Audit

Purchase of Goods 0

Product Compliance and Licensing 0

Commercial Documentation 0

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Our Role

When a shipment reaches the first point of entry, the importer of record (i.e., the owner, purchaser) designates a licensed customs broker to file a customs entry for the goods with the port director.

Imported goods are not legally entered until after the shipment has arrived within the port of entry, delivery of the merchandise has been authorized by Customs Border Protection, and estimated duties have been paid. It is the importer of record’s responsibility to arrange for examination and release of the goods.