Export Reporting System in the United States

United States export process begins when the exporter decides to export merchandise to a foreign country where export requirements are needed. Exporters or authorized agents transmits the commodity information using the system and transmit it to the cargo carrier, customs service center or port authority.

Conveyance, carriage arrival information about the origin of goods, mode of transportation that is carrying the goods and its overall arrival information about the goods they are carrying must be reported to CBSA via the AES system.

From the place of discharge, information about the trade is generated, identifying the carrier, cargo, conveyance and other cargo-related information is identified for accurate submission on the AES system.

Before reaching on boarding the carrier, prior to loading on to the conveyance, calculating the customs duties and taxes, and reporting accurately to CBSA is important, especially so that exporters can evaluate landed costs in the foreign country of import.

Online tracking updates for pre-arrival information, alert and notifications are submitted to customs agencies, and traced through the system for cargo processed on the AES system.

Export requirements need carrier arrival information, and the barcoded control number identifying the cargo on board of any mode of transportation, identifying the transaction value and exporter and vendor.

Detailed export statements are processed for exporters, identifying the voyage, and product, for later applicable refunds and trade incentives applicable and adjustments on their trade data and information. In a single report such reports streamlines export data and provides international trade statistics for businesses across the United States.

Request for a Demo

Exporters and other logistic service providers are required to transmit export declarations and cargo data to US-CBP and submit the customs release notification before releasing from the port of loading until its first point of arrival in the United States. Request us to provide a demo for AES modules and setup.

    AES Export Declarations

    Transmit export declaration information and supplementary data information such as commercial documentation within the same time frames as the conveyance and cargo data electronically for all modes of transport and cargo-conveyance arriving in the United States online through Stream.