United States Customs Clearance Process

Through the Automated Broker Interface, file entry release data electronically for cargo release processing through an online system with features of filing a consolidated entry summary, combining multiple release transactions on one entry summary filing system and communicate with United States Customs and Border Protection (US-CBP).

Prequalify cargo, and evaluate whether commodities are applicable for free trade zones and relief of duties through tariff treatment programs from the country of export and between the United States. Relief of duties are applicable based on the origin of goods.

Entry summary requirements to transmit both release and entry summaries can be processed via integration and it facilitates the transfer of commercial order data from existing business infrastructure and accounted for on a single system.

Through the system, file consumption entries and apply for warehouse withdrawals for consumption, while taking advantage of duties and taxes deferral programs, and transmit customs declaration invoice and summary in one message, and account for duties and taxes upon release.

Pre-arrival declaration processing is transmitted to United States Customs and Border Protection (US-CBP) before the arrival of goods, ensuring that delays with customs release and accountancy of duties and taxes are avoided altogether.

Electronically file drawback claims, select any of the several payment options - transmit payments for each entry summary, and pay statements electronically through the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) account.

Monitor release-transactions, and account for payment of duties and taxes as well as summary of accounts after the release transaction for a 7 year period through an online interface, ensuring that products are processed accurately.

Request for a Demo

Importers and customs brokerage service providers are required to transmit customs declaration based data to US-CBP and transmit cargo information before onboarding and processing transactions accurately through the Automated Broker Interface. Request us to provide a demo for ABI modules and setup.

    Automated Broker Interface Processes

    The system is used to trace, control and process all commercial and non-commercial goods imported into the United States. Overall, the system expedites merchandise processing, reduces costs of government agencies for both importers and departments involved in the trade transaction.