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International Trade Alliances

Trade Facilitation Software

Stream’s technology for trade facilitation allows individuals, businesses, and service providers to process international, domestic and locale trade activity across global countries. The notable processes of facilitating trade involves connectivity with multiple service providers, on a single window interface, to coordinate the movement of cargo, and the legal procedural information with customs authorities across international borders.

Integrate International Trade Partners

Coordinate International Shipments

Trace Shipments Until Final Invoicing

World Customs Organisation


The organization’s independent intergovernmental mission is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of customs administrations. Stream is apart of the World Customs Organization (WCO) participating in influencing legislation and government decision making related to customs procedures, and influencing the trade environment of logistics, across the globe.

Removing international trade barriers between governments, businesses and service providers, through integrated technology.

The organization supports trade platform, meant for individuals and businesses looking for reliable trade support and assistance on worldwide representative of international trade matters, and looks for finding assistance for importers to obtain reliable information.

World Trade Organization


World Trade Organization is the sole international organization proceeding with the global rules of trade and streamline regulations of international trade between countries. International trade agreements are established by the council countries participating in the organization, to generally create international trade agreements between nations for development of economies and trade of goods.

Integrating trade through the single-window-interface and connecting global nations, businesses and independent traders.

The organization is involved in development of trade regulations and rules effecting the movement of goods, establishing guidelines on controlled goods and the acceptable trade of such products in global countries. Moreover, establishing how free-trade agreements and free-trade zones effect the movement of goods through international markets.

Our Technological Integration Partners

Integrating with global software service providers with patented technology is primary. Software providers with unique solutions that improve the trade environment between users is valuable to stream.

Canadian International Networking

Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association is a trade network platform designed for international traders with shipments throughout the globe to connect with logistics providers in Canada. Businesses can connect with logistics service providers whom provide international freight forwarding services, to obtain global forwarding rates and manage shipment processes from origin to destination.

International Networking Platform

World Cargo Association is an international forwarding network with a global reach of over ten thousand freight forwarders whom are involved in the movement of cargo. Only accredited service providers can obtain access to the network, and have the advantage of obtaining competitive forwarding rates for small parcel to large freight.

Global Freight Forwarding Platform

JC Trans is a global forwarding association representing over five thousand freight forwarders whom are accredited with established in the industry with a strong reputation and credibility across the globe for forwarding. Through the network’s support, handling shipments from virtually anywhere in the world is possible for freight of all kinds.