Customs Release

Start a customs clearance with a specialized release analyst, ask us for tariff classification, estimate landed costs and remit payments to customs online.

Consult with a trusted trade advisor to inquire about rules and regulations effecting your goods for import and export from Canada.

After finding out regulatory requirements for your goods, file a declaration online and receive notifications from customs agencies for release.

Speak with a trusted trade advisor knowledgeable about your goods and learn about the licensing process effecting your goods.

Canadian Import Legislation

Via Stream, engage with reputable customs specialists, specializing in goods effecting your industry. Obtain insider reports on new legislations, changes to tariffs, rules of origin and special measures imposed on your goods. Businesses require trade expertise to guide growth and development of their production output, and channel sales and marketing initiatives, our compliance specialists can assist with implementing a customs action plan to respond to changing trade environment.


Benefits of Stream

Via stream, businesses can process customs clearance and engage with trade advisors online. Without any hassle release of goods, final accounting and the payment of duties and taxes are streamlined.


Release Of Goods

Provide the arrival information, submit custom documents, meanwhile engaging with a release analyst whom liaisons with customs on your behalf for release.


Final Accounting

Find out the total landed cost, classify your goods and calculate the total duties and taxes due-payable, and approve the transaction before final-submission.


Duties and Taxes

Once your goods are released process the payment of duties and taxes, along with applicable service fees online.


Customs Compliance Review

A trusted trade advisor can analyze your trade records, assessing whether your previous transactions were filed correctly or not. Based on their assessment, previous trade records can be amended, resubmitted and corrections may result in refunds or drawbacks, previously unknown of.

Request for a consultation, and develop a trade compliance database to understand your trade transactions from a customs compliance lens.