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Customs Brokerage

Stream assists in getting your goods into the North American market by providing you efficient solutions for customs clearance and release. Stream adheres to compliance regulations to make sure your business is getting the full value of our Customs Brokerage services.

Logistics and Warehousing

Stream helps in organizing and planning the movement of your goods by providing storage solutions. Through the use of temporary storage with trade incentives and sufferance warehouses, Stream can find the most effective solution for you.

Cargo Carriage

Our 25+ years of experience in cargo carriage and management allows Stream to find the best solution for your business. Stream's detailed oriented solutions can get your goods anywhere in North America.

Freight Forwarding

Stream provides solutions for multimodal transportation all over the globe. With our thorough approach to documentation and coordination, our team of Freight Forwarders are able to handle any request.

Customs Planning

Stream's Customs Brokers liaison with customs agencies to create a customized operation for your business. By receiving advanced rulings on your customs documents, identifying potential penalties, and proposing savings on duties and taxes, Stream saves you time and money.

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Hassle Free Solutions

In-House, End to End Logistics Planning and Management

Stream is able to provide your business with the exact solution you need. Our in-house team of Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders and Transportation experts have served every industry from agriculture to pharmaceuticals. Stream is able to provide any supply chain solution, globally and domestically.


Stream has helped my business become licensed in Canada and informed me about regulations I did not know of.

Janette Telfer Profesional

Stream provides my business full scale services. It allows me to be stress free in my logistics operation.

Leanne Woolf Team Leader

Stream has been vital in helping my products to be imported into Canada. They handle it all!

Thomas Taylor Profesional

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