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Customs Compliance Solutions

Regardless of your industry, and commodities traded questions about import-export, licensing and certifications, and how-to save on duties and taxes arise, we are aware of the process in more than 120 countries.

Trade Advisory

Carrier Network

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Compliance and Licensing

Compliance and licensing are complementary services. Before you import or export your goods, it is vital to adhere to compliance and licensing regulations for your product to stimulate growth in your specific industry.

Careful Supply Chain Management

We ensure your supply chain is as efficient and cost effective as possible. Our network of clearance agents are able to connect businesses with trade advisors, and compliance specialists for your commodities.

Trade Faciliatation

Its our goal to introduce you to potential suppliers, whom businesses wouldn't have access to previously. We liaison trade relationships by negotiating shipping terms and conditions, and developing logistics planning from origin to destination.

Active Pharma Ingredients

Food and Beverage

Personal Care Products

Animals and Veterinary

Natural and Herbal


Compliance Specialists

Our compliance specialists are there to help you develop a supply arrangement request, making sure all of the project deliverables are outlined properly, and sent to the potential suppliers within our partnered network. We then make sure your business is compliant with all regulation for the given product, from licenses to packaging guidelines and agency registration standards.

International Trade Advisors

Support for Licensing

Landed Cost Evaluation

Contingency Audit Support

Global Procurement Network

Global Customs Release

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